Q: Can I make Repros of your translations, and sell them in my store?
A: Sorry, but no! We are really against this and if any store claims that they have have our permission they are straight-up lying.

Q: Can I make repros for myself?
A: That's more than fine as long as you're not selling them.

Q: Can I use your scans for my Video/Blog/etc.?
A: Sure, no need to ask us at all. Feel free to send us the video or blog post too!

Q: Hey I found a bug, what's the best way to report it?
A: Email is the best for us. We try our best to check for any bugs, but some are bound to slip through and we really appreciate you reporting them!

Q: Can I have a early copy of the patch you're working on? A: That is one of our reward tiers on Patreon.

Q: I downloaded the patch, but it's not working.
A: You have to apply the patch to the rom. We have a section under tools for the programs you'll need, but we cannot legally supply you with the rom.

Q: What emulators do you recommend? A: We have a section under the "Tools" tab dedicated to this.

Q: What is the best way to play your roms, emulators or flash carts?
A: Flash Carts, since we test our games on the original hardware.

Q: I have a JP game I'd like to donate, how do I go about doing that? A: That's very kind of you, please email us for more information.

Q: What’s the best Gameboy Color variant?
A: Yellow!!