Lunar IPS

Lunar IPS is intended as an easy to use, lightweight IPS patch utility for windows. It can both create and apply IPS patches.


IPS patch creation/application support.
Full RLE encoding/decoding support.
File expanding/truncating support.
IPS encoder creates files that are the same size or smaller than Files created with SNESTool.
Registers the ".IPS" file type so that you can just double click on an IPS file and choose the file to apply it for convenience.
Support for patching files up to 16 MB in size, which is the limit of the IPS format. 



beat is a full fledged patching program developed for the new BPS patch format. The BPS format was developed to resolve many of the issues encountered by ROM hackers with the UPS and IPS patching formats. The program is open source with a GPLv3 license and has highly portable source code.



A simple frontend for xdelta. Allows you to easily create and apply xdelta patches without messing with the command-line.


Choose your original file, and it tells you the crc for quick reference.
Tells you the crc of the new file after patching.
Auto-names new files for you, based on your own format.
Makes patches as well as applies them, can automatically make reverse patches.
Choose whether to allow overwriting.
Program updates itself automatically using the new .NET Framework.
Use your own up-to-date versions of the xdelta executable.

Nintendo Entertainment System - Family Computer

Mesen is a high-accuracy NES and Famicom emulator and NSF player for Windows and Linux.

High Accuracy: A lot of effort has gone into making Mesen as accurate as possible.
High Compatibility: Over 290 mappers supported (all licensed games supported)
NES, Famicom, Famicom Disk System, Dendy, VS System, NSF and NSFe emulation is supported.
General: Save States, Rewinding, Movie/Audio Recording, Overclocking, Cheat Codes.
Video: Numerous video filters, customizable palettes/overscan, support for HDNes' HD packs.
Audio: Stereo effects, per-channel volume and panning, equalizer, etc.
Misc: Netplay, 7z/zip support, IPS/BPS patch support, automatic updates, and more!